backwoods bar soap co.

Product Specific Ingredients:


Backwoods Bar Soap Co. has a base recipe for all of our soaps. In addition to our base soap recipe, other ingredients are added to each of our soaps to make them unique. If you have purchased a product and do not see it on this list, please contact customer service for a list of ingredients used in making the product you have purchased.

Our base soap recipe consists of:  Organic coconut oil, olive oil,

 water and lye.

The following is a comprehensive list of our products with their additional ingredients:

  • Lemongrass cupcake bars- pigment color and lemongrass essential oil
  • Clay Facial cupcake bars-  
    • Activated Charcoal, bentonite clay and organic tea tree (melaleuca essential oil)
    • Seaweed powder, bentonite clay and organic tea tree (melaleuca essential oil)
    • Kaolin and Bentonite clay and organic tea tree (melaleuca essential oil)
  • Citrus Sensation-  Pigment color and a blend of organic orange/grapefruit/lemongrass essential oils
  • "12" Seattle Seahawks Fan Soap- Pigment color and Yacht Club fragrance oil
  • Island Dream-  Pigment color and Coconut Shavings fragrance oil
  • Plumeria-  Pigment color and Plumeria fragrance oil
  • Nectarine & Basil-  Pigment color and Nectarine & Basil fragrance oil
  • Pooch 'Poo doggy shampoo- Pigment color and a blend of organic cedarwood/lavender essential oils
  • Cucumber/Melon-  Pigment color and Cucumber/Melon fragrance oil
  • Apricot & Peach-  Pigment color and Apricot/Peach fragrance oil
  • Green Apple-  Pigment color and Green Apple fragrance oil
  • Bay Rum-  Rhassoul clay, pigment color and Bay Rum fragrance oil
  • Love Potion No. 9-  Pigment color and Pink Code fragrance oil
  • A Walk in the Park-  Pigment color and Aspen Grass fragrance oil
  • Yellow Summer-  Pigment color and Yellow Summer fragrance oil
  • Smokey Hearth-  Birch tar, benzoin and poppy seeds
  • Sweet Romance-  Pigment color and Champaca/Neroli fragrance oil
  • Honey/Almond & Oats-  Pigment color, ground organic oatmeal and Honey/Almond fragrance oil
  • Wildflower-  Pigment color, organic chamomile and chamomile fragrance oil
  • Coconut, Almond & Ginger Pigment color and Coconut/Almond/Ginger fragrance oil
  • Oatmeal w/Almond & Honey-  Almond & Honey fragrance, organic ground oats
  • Mountains of Maui-  Pigment color and a blend of honeysuckle/lemongrass essential oils
  • Life's a Picnic-  Pigment color and doTERRA's: TerraShield essential oil blend
  • Island Mist-  Pigment color and Coconut Shavings fragrance oil
  • Rose clay/poppy seed-   Rose clay, poppy seeds, pigment color and Be Delicious fragrance oil
  • Calendula/oatmeal-  Pigment color, organic calendula petals, organic ground oats and Be Delicious fragrance oil
  • Apple Cinnamon-  Pigment color, Apple Cinnamon fragrance oil
  • Macintosh Apple-  Pigment color, Macintosh Apple fragrance oil
  • Autumn-  Pigment color, star anise garnish, cinnamon garnish, pumpkin and apple fragrance oil
  • Pumpkin Pie-  Pigment color, Pumpkin Pie fragrance oil
  • Chocolate Mint-  Pigment color, Chocolate Mint fragrance oil
  • Golden Delicious-  Pigment color, ground organic oats w/sage, Macintosh Apple fragrance oil
  • High Tide-  Pigment color, epsom salt, seaweed powder, Seashore fragrance oil
  • Peppermint Swirl-  Pigment color, Candy Cane fragrance oil
  • Cranberry Spice-  Pigment color, Cranberry Spice fragrance oil
  • Blueberry Almond Crisp-  Pigment color, and blueberry/almond/cinnamon fragrance oil, ground organic oats
  • Cinnamon Apple Crisp-  Pigment color, and a blend of apple/cinnamon/vanilla, ground organic oats
  • Thin Blue Line-  Pigment color, activated charcoal and Yacht Club fragrance oil
  • The Carrot Soap Collection-  Organic carrot puree, carrot seed oil, ground organic oats (except in Baby Carrot Soap cupcake)
  • Black & Tan Beer Soap-  Beer, organic coffee grounds
  • Grog Beer Soap-  Beer, red rhassoul clay, spent brewing grains, hops, spiced amber ale fragrance oil
  • Groovy Orange & Patchouli-  Pigment color, organic orange and patchouli essential oils
  • Pop's Hops I.P.A. Beer Soap-  Beer, French green clay, spent brewing grains, hops
  • Mysterious-  Pigment color, sandalwood and amber fragrance oil
  • Rosemary & Juniper-  Pigment color, French green clay, rosemary and juniper essential oil
  • Lavender Luster-  Pigment color, organic lavender petals, organic lavender and niaouli essential oils
  • Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap-  Stout beer, spent brewing grains, pigment color, ground organic oats, fragrance
  • Pumpkin Brown Sugar-  Pigment color, Pumpkin Brown Sugar fragrance
  • Pumpkin Pie w/whipping cream-  Pigment color, Pumpkin Pie fragrance
  • Sugar Plum Faerie-  Pigment color, Country Bumpkin fragrance
  • Neptune's Net-  Pigment color, Island Coconut fragrance
  • Crisp Apple Rose-  Pigment color, Crisp Apple Rose fragrance
  • Chai Tea-  Brewed organic Chai tea, and a blend of organic cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and fennel essential oils
  • Frosty - pigment color, sparkle and Sleighride fragrance oil
  • Tis the Season - pigment color, sparkle and Sleighride fragrance oil
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas - pigment color, sparkle and Gingersnap fragrance oil
  • Deck the Halls - pigment color, sparkle and Gingersnap fragrance oil
  • Santa's Workshop - pigment color, sparkle and Rustic Woods and Rum fragrance oil
  • My Favorite Things - pigment color, sparkle and Crisp Apple Rose/Blueberry fragrance oil
  • Unscented Hunters' Soap - pigment color
  • Chamomile & Lavender - Chamomile and Lavender essential oils and organic lavender and chamomile petals
  • O' Christmas Tree - pigment color, sparkle and White Fir, Pine and Lemon essential oil
  • Christmas Cheer - pigment color, sparkle and Sleighride fragrance oil
  • Gingersnap - Rhassoul clay, sparkle and Gingersnap fragrance oil
Backwoods Lip Balm contains: Organic beeswax, olive oil, and organic essential oils.

Backwoods Lip Tint contains:  Organic beeswax, olive oil, organic essential oil and merlot mica.

Backwoods Balms & Salves contain: Organic beeswax, olive oil infused with the herb specified on the label (currently available:  Calendula salve, Cottonwood balm, *Pain Relieving rub and Plantain healing ointment).

Our *Pain Relieving rub contains willow and is not recommended for use on children under the age of 18.  Also contains cottonwood infused olive oil and the following essential oils:  rosemary, basil, marjoram, cypress, eucalyptus, wintergreen, white fir, peppermint, lemon grass, lavender, frankincense, myrrh and vetiver.

Backwoods Soakin' Salts contain:  Epsom salt, essential oils and may contain herbs.

Backwoods Bath Bombs contain:  Citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, Epsom salts, water, essential oils.

Facial Clay Masks contain:  Kaolin clay, organic lavender petals, organic ground oatmeal and a blend of organic frankincense, lavender and geranium essential oils.

Backwoods Wax Warmer Melts:  Organic coconut oil, olive oil and essential oil or fragrance.

Backwoods Body Powder:  Organic corn starch, kaolin clay, baking soda and essential oils.

Backwoods Deep Moisturizing Lotion:  Sweet almond oil, beeswax, emulsifier, water and essential oils.